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Senin, 17 Juni 2024


Papua, – After the Free Papua Organization (OPM) shot at civilian, The Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) soldiers continued to chase the OPM. The perpetrators of the shooting and burning of innocent civilian, namely the OPM led by Undius Kogoya, have fled from the location of the incident in the Paniai Timur District to Bibida District, which is located next to each other and is still part of the Paniai Regency area.

The TNI chase operation continued with the success of reclaiming the Bibida District area, which had been controlled by the OPM, on Friday, 14 June 2024. The success of reclaiming the Bibida area apparently did not dampen the OPM's intention to continue to disrupt security and a conducive situation in the Bibida area. Facing the OPM's attempts to disrupt the area, community leaders representing the voices of Bibida residents, have conveyed their support for the Chase and Enforcement Operation to the OPM.

Finally, on Monday, 17 June 2024, the Commanding General of the Joint Regional Command III (Pangkogabwilhan III), Lt. Gen. Richard Tampubolon, ordered the Commanding General of the TNI Operations Command (Pangkoops TNI) HABEMA, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, along with the Commander of the Operational Implementation Command (Dankolakops), Brigadier General Frits Wilem Rizard Pelamonia, and Commander of the Nanggala Kopassus Troops, to continue the Chase Operation. As a result, the operation was successful and TNI soldiers managed to shoot 2 OPM people, one of whom was confirmed as Danis Murib, after the gunfire. It should be noted that Danis Murib is a TNI deserter who most recently held the rank of Second Class Private (Prada), a soldier of the Infantry 527 Kodam V/Brawijaya, who was carrying out military operations in Papua. Danis Murib left his military operations by leaving the Military Post of Moanemani Baru in the Kamu District area, Dogiyai Regency, Province of Central Papua, on 14 April 2024 at 10.20 local time.

The success of TNI Soldiers in shooting Danis Murib has demonstrated the professionalism of TNI Soldiers in shooting at the end of the barrel, so they never miss the target. Furthermore, this success has also added to the list of names of dead OPM figures and reduced the strength of OPM personnel.

"The success of TNI Soldiers in shooting two OPM people, one of whom was Deserter Danis Murib, in Bibida, has reduced the strength of the OPM which of course has a positive impact on maintaining security stability for the smooth process of accelerating development in Papua," said Lt. Gen. Richard Tampubolon after the gunfire in Bibida. (Editor


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